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Hair mistakes you're making every day– Shampoo & conditioner edition

What's going on with my hair?

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We’re creatures of habit, and while that can be a good thing when it comes to sticking to daily beauty rituals, if you’re having more bad hair days than good, you might consider changing your routine.

NVBL stylist Crystal Lake shares a few of the mistakes she sees clients make and how to remedy them. It’s time to uncover the beautiful hair you naturally have.

The root of the problem

You've always washed your hair the same way with your favorite go-to products, but now your every effort get the bounce back into your limp locks seem to come up short. What's going on? You may be making a few common mistakes that are surprisingly easy to fix.

What is the most common mistake you see clients make?

“Many people have been applying store-bought shampoo and conditioner to their scalp their whole lives. Conventional brands add waxes, resin, and silicone to their products that make the hair seem soft and shiny in the beginning. Yet over time, these ingredients start to build up. As a result, people are inclined to overuse the product to counteract the effect. This only worsens the problem.”

What are the signs I need to make a change?

“I can tell when someone has been using store-bought shampoo and conditioner or is using their shampoo and conditioner incorrectly. These are the telltale signs:


  1. Oily buildup on the scalp and dry ends
  2. Conditioner slips off the hair and doesn’t penetrate
  3. A notable amount of hair loss from buildup on the scalp


Each time you wash your hair, you may be adding to the build up. Shampoos and conditioners with unnecessary additives make it impossible for other products to work as they should, and may be contributing to hair loss."

What are your tips for restoring hair and scalp health?

“In the salon, I will use a clarifying shampoo, usually twice, to remove the buildup, then follow with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Reducing buildup on the scalp has a number of benefits:


  • Reduces the risk of hair loss
  • Allows the natural pH of the scalp to return
  • Enables the natural oils from the scalp to travel down the strands and act as additional conditioning.”


If your hair is suffering from product build up, try a shampoo with clarifying properties. We recommend Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Rahua Voluminous Conditioner.


As a DIY home clarifying treatment, try lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as a rinse between shampoo and conditioner, letting it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

Tip: The right way to use conditioner

When applying conditioner, always work it in from the mid-length to ends. Conditioner is meant to hydrate, strengthen, and protect the hair shaft. Unless specifically formulated, it’s not meant for the scalp. If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, try a moisturizing shampoo like OWay Moisturizing Hair Bath and OWay Rebuilding Hair Mask

Why are non-toxic products better?

“Without the added chemicals, products can do what they are meant to do. Hair is able to return to optimal health. A good shampoo and conditioner are the foundation for anything else you do to your hair. Often less styling product is needed and less time is needed for styling.”

Choose the right products for your hair type

We’re here to help bring your hair back to life. For more professional insight on choosing shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type, check out our post about Natural Shampoo for Specifically You.

Or contact us for assistance with selecting the perfect clean beauty products.

"A good shampoo and conditioner are the foundation for anything else you do to your hair. Often less styling product is needed and less time is needed for styling."

Switching from store-bought brands to products made from naturally-derived, non-toxic ingredients will restore balance to your hair and scalp. You’ll never find petroleum-based ingredients, like those responsible for buildup, in any of the shampoos and conditioners in our shop. When you do make the change, just remember to give it time. It may take several weeks before you see results. But when you do, we know you’ll love the way it makes you feel inside and out.

Get the right shampoo for you

Finding the perfect shampoo for your hair type, that also addresses the concerns you want to remedy, doesn't have to be complicated, but it is important to get it right.

Learn how to select the right shampoo

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