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About Us

Navigating the world of clean beauty care can be overwhelming. We created NVBL to simplify the process of conscientious shopping.  Guided by our non-toxic mission, developed at our clean-air Portland salon and apothecary, we bring you a curated selection of products that are professionally-proven, and free of harmful ingredients .

Founders Margaret & Joe

What began as a personal journey to identify and remove harmful products from our own lives, quickly turned into a promise that extended to the stylists at our Portland salon and all of our clients.

Through the years, we have become passionate about researching and testing non-toxic products. We are thrilled to share our knowledge with you through a curated selection of the best natural beauty products available. It’s a wonderful thing to know you don’t have to choose between your health and the products you love.

We hope you benefit from our love and knowledge!

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Always 100% Non-toxic

During our time buying, selling, and utilizing beauty products, we have observed how many of the products and supplies are laced with unhealthy or damaging additives. Often added simply for fragrance, creating suds, or as an unnecessary preservative, these ingredients are excessive and can be damaging to your hair, hair color, and potentially dangerous to your health. By contrast, our selection of non-toxic products demonstrates there are plenty of safe and effective options.


Going Clean, Together