At NVBL, our stylists are masters of their trade. The high standard we have for our products parallels our expectations for our team. Each of our talented stylists is extensively trained and passionate about their craft. We’re happy you’re here and look forward to bringing your vision to life. 

Lauren Archuleta

Specialties Balayage, Blondes & Highlights, Fashion Colors, Color Blocking, Color Corrections, Pixies, Fades, Shags & Mullets, Razor Cuts, Precision Cuts, Bobs, Asymmetrical Cuts, Long Hair, Updos & Formal Styling

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Lindsey Willis

Specialties Cutting Specialist - Razor Cuts, Curly Shapes/Wavy Hair Cutting, Layering, Natural Hair Texture.  

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Lindsey Rae

Balayage / Hair Painting, Shags, Creative Coloring / Fashion Colors, Razor Cuts, Low Maintenance Highlighting They/Them

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Lara Bilyeu

Specialties Pixie Cuts, Short Hair, Tapers and Fades, French Bobs, Mullets, Shags, Natural Texture, Updos, Balayage, Blonding, Creative Coloring, Color Blocking

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Keshia Hall

Specialties Curly Cuts, Razor Cuts, Shags, Wolf Cuts, Shaggy Mullets, Balayage, Fashion Colors, Low Maintenance and Easy to Style Cuts and Colors.

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Emily Ellertson

Assistant Operations Manager

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