LuLu Sniffle and Calming Balms
LuLu Sniffle and Calming Balms - NVBL
LuLu Sniffle and Calming Balms
LuLu Sniffle and Calming Balms - NVBL
LuLu Organics

LuLu Sniffle and Calming Balms

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    Keeping you Centered and Healthy

    WHAT IT IS: Healing Balms for bringing peace of mind and fending off the sniffles

    WHY IT'S SPECIAL: Made from a carefully crafted combination of naturally anti-bacterial essential oils, Sniffle Balm™ is perfect for the cold and allergy season. Rub on your chest or dab a little under your nose. You can also rub it on your chapped, winter hands as a healthy alternative to hand sanitizer.

    Our Lavender and Clary Sage Calming Balm can play a small part in bringing some peace of mind back into your life. Apply Lulu Organics Calming Balm to pulse points when you feel stress, before exercise, meditation or bedtime.


    Sniffle Balm: Apply your chest to stimulate the thymus gland, open up clogged nasal passages, to aid breathing and to prevent a cold. Do not apply to broken skin. Apply to the bottom of your feet to prevent a cold. Apply to chapped, winter hands as a healthy alternative to a hand sanitizer.*** 
    Calming Balm: Apply to temples, inside wrists, chest, forehead before yoga, meditation, morning breathing, exercise routine or before bed.


    Active Ingredients

    Sniffle Balm:  *organic olive oil, *organic hemp oil, beeswax, *essential oils, coco butter/  *Certified Organic ( Made with our version of the legendary Resistance Oil** )

    Calming Balm:  *organic olive oil, beeswax, essential oils of lavender + clary sage, coco butter  /  *Certified Organic

    ** Resistance Oil is a combination of essential oils that have antibacterial properties. Due to the copyright of the word 'Thieves' by the company Young Living we have been legally forced to remove the original name of this product. 

    *** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.